The perineum is the region that lies between the vagina and the rectum. Perineoplasty is a reconstructive surgical procedure that involves repairing damage to the perineum and/or vulva resulting from childbirth, intercourse, obesity, or insufficient nerve supply. This procedure can be carried out for medical or cosmetic reasons under local anesthesia.

Symptoms of perineum damage include loose, bulging or gaping skin around the vagina, excessive scarring following an episiotomy or vaginal delivery tear, loss of sensation during intercourse, vaginal discomfort or irritation, and pain. Women who suffer from severe perineum issues are at a higher risk of urinary tract infections due to the proximity of the anus to the vaginal opening.

The reconstruction process involves carefully rejoining the muscles along the vaginal floor, and excess skin and other tissues are excised. Once the desired tightness or looseness is attained, the surgical site is neatly and precisely sutured together.

Dr. Caminero is a board-certified Gynecologist specializing in cosmetic gynecology.  Dr. Caminero has  extensive experience in vaginal repairs. Dr. Caminero is happy to discuss the possibility of undergoing a Perineoplasty with you, as it may help to improve your quality of life.

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