Monsplasty Liposuction


In conjunction with, or as an alternative to a monsplasty, patients may opt to renew their mons pubis through liposuction. Choose to reshape your mons pubis with minimal discomfort and after care, using the slimming technique of liposuction. Excess fat is loosened and then suctioned away through a very small incision and using a narrow tube leaving a slight scar to fade with time.

It is worth noting that while liposuction is more commonly associated with female patients, men can also experience excess fat in the mons pubis, which can result in the appearance of a smaller penis and intimacy issues. During a consultation, the fullness of the mons region will be assessed and a personalized treatment plan can be recommended based of the severity of the sagging observed.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo either monsplasty or liposuction will depend on the individual needs and goals of the patient. Patients can look forward to achieving the desired look and boosting their confidence in their own bodies with either alternative.

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