A monsplasty, commonly known as a “pubic lift,” is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of fatty tissue or skin in the mons pubis, the upper part of the hair-bearing area of their vulva. For many women, the mons area bulges prominently in leggings and dresses, giving the appearance of an almost secondary upper vagina causing extreme embarrassment, especially when the tummy itself as not as protrusive. For a smoother appearance in tighter clothing, a monsplasty may be the best choice if liposuction is not promising. Extreme weight loss can result in the need for a monsplasty as losing weight by burning it in a specific area isn’t possible. Therefore, don’t think that ab exercises will give you a flatter stomach; they’ll tone the area, but the fat will persist, and the upper pubic region will still remain.

The recovery process to takes roughly 2-4 weeks, and you should plan to limit your physical activity for two to six weeks, depending on how extensive your procedure is. In the case that you have skin removal, a small tube or two may be placed to act as a drain for any excess fluid or blood, and typically is removed within a few days. The end result is a smaller pubic area that is more natural in appearance. Many patients opt to have a monsplasty at the same time as a labiaplasty and/or vaginoplasty to rejuvenate their pubic area.

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