The hymen is a piece of tissue covering or surrounding part of the vaginal opening. A hymen cannot regenerate once broken, as it is formed during development. A Hymen is strongest at birth and wears down over time. It can break from physical activity, sexual intercourse, tampon insertion or a straightforward day to day activity.

Hymenoplasty and Hymenectomy are two procedures that offer women the opportunity to address concerns related to the hymen. We encourage anyone considering these procedures to schedule a consultation with our office to discuss their unique needs and determine the best course of action. Our compassionate staff is committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout the entire process.

A Hymenoplasty is a type of cosmetic vaginal surgery that aims to restore the hymen by using a piece of mucosal tissue from the vaginal lining to replicate it. The procedure involves creating a new hymen by stitching the remaining pieces of the hymen back together or by using a flap of tissue to create a new membrane. Hymenoplasty has a high success rate and is a commonly performed procedure. It is typically performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately an hour to complete.

A Hymenectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the hymen. It is a relatively simple procedure that is typically performed under either local anesthesia. Women who experience discomfort or pain during sexual activity due to a thick or rigid hymen or those who wish to undergo the procedure for personal or medical reasons may be candidates for a Hymenectomy. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the vaginal opening to access and remove the hymen. Discomfort and soreness are to be expected the first couple of weeks, but the surgery itself is painless and performed under local anesthesia. It its normal to have moderate bloody discharge and tenderness temporarily before full recovery.

Women may consider getting a Hymenoplasty or a Hymenoplasty for various reasons, including personal, cultural, religious beliefs or trauma. Both are safe and effective procedures that can provide relief for women, and at Cosmetic Gynecology of Florida, we understand the uniqueness of every patient’s personal choice that has them considering these surgical alternatives.

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