C-Section Incision Revision


Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your C-section scar? Does it make you feel self-conscious when wearing certain clothing or swimsuits? If so, our C-section revision procedure offers a solution that can restore your confidence and make you feel fantastic about the skin you’re in.

During the procedure, our expert surgeon will carefully excise the existing C-section scar, removing any excess tissue and suturing the skin to create a new, finer scar that is less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing. We take great care to place the incision in a location that can be easily concealed by undergarments.

Our C-section incision revision procedure can not only improve the appearance of your scar but also alleviate any physical discomfort or pain associated with a thick or raised scar that is prone to chaffing, itchiness and irritation.

Following your C-section incision revision procedure, it is advisable to rest and allow your body time to heal effectively. To facilitate optimal healing during your time off work reduce your daily activities to support the recovery process. Limit activities that involve lifting or bending during your recovery, even if you feel capable enough to participate in them. Adhering to these precautions is critical to protect the incision site and promote proper healing.

C-Section Incision Revision

Keep in mind that every individual’s recovery process is unique, and therefore, the duration and progression of your healing may differ from others. By allowing yourself the necessary time and avoiding rushing the recovery process, you can optimize the outcome of your C-section Incision Revision procedure.

Incision Revision can be risky. Dr. Suny Caminero is board-certified and very familiar with the anatomy due to her experience as both an obstetrician and a cosmetic gynecologist. 

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